Monday, March 11, 2013

Permanent Eyelash Extensions How Good Is It

Permanent eyelash extensions have become the new fashion fad now because it is easy to maintain. This eyelash extension can only be achieved through surgical means, patients are required to choose how full they want their eyelash which will also indicate the number of hair that will be transplanted into the follicle in this region. These hair are removed from the back of their scalp like it is done during a normal hair transplant and implanted into the follicles on the eyelash.

After surgical procedure is accomplished it takes close to a month for the region worked on to be fully healed and for hair to start growing normally on this region which will give it a fuller and longer eyelash which will also give you a sexy appeal.

one of the advantages of this procedure is that you get to trim and curl this eyelashes at will because it grows back easily unlike the semi permanent eyelash that takes you to an extensionist every two weeks to re-fix the part of your eyelash that has fallen off because the artificial eyelashes are placed one after the other on a strand of eyelashes which means that when your natural lashes fall off the artificial one attached on it also falls off.

Cost of Procedure

The permanent eyelash extension is a costly one, for this procedure to be done you will have to spend between $3000 to $5000 for me, this is money well spent because of the advantage it has over semi permanent ones.

If you have the cash then go for this procedure to have a permanent eyelash extension done and have at the back of your mind the usual surgical dangers such as infections.

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