Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Eyelash Extension Cost - Check Your Pocket!

Looking good is money, i mean real money and with the love shown to eyelash extension by women the price will only remain kind of pricey though this depends on a lot of factors ranging from product name or location you are fixing your much loved eyelash extension from. salons will merge your purchase fee and workmanship fee into one whereby making it look hefty to you.

For example in new york city you should be ready to pay as high as $500 to get this done for you, this price includes product purchase fee and service fee and might include the first re-fill amount when you come back for treatment or due to fall off of the fixed eyelashes. there are some client who will like to go further to get some extras such lash tint etc.

Some surveys we did showed that it will cost you an average of $250 to fix a new lashes, this depends on location and the type of eyelash you are buying, if you are buying mink then it might be more expensive than some types of lashes. if purchasing half lash then you should be prepared to pay for half of the full lash. the prices quoted above includes service charge in most cases.

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