Monday, March 11, 2013

Eyelash Extentions

Have you taken a peep at women lately you might notice they are having more longer eyelash, well don't be surprised and don't think that much hair could grow on ones eyelash if not that some fixes have been done. Well the magic to having such long,fuller and lush eyelash is due to what is called eyelash extensions.

 Why An Eyelash Extension?
unlike the old type of artificial extension that only goes off within 6 days of fixing it, the recent artificial extension takes close to six to eight weeks before it falls off. it last longer because each strand of lash is placed on your natural eyelash strand by strand with the help of a soft artificial adhesive. This alone saves a lot in cost and time because you don't really need to visit the salon weekly to re-fix since the one you last fixed fell off. it is advisable you look for a professional to get it done for you instead of doing it yourself, you can look around for eyelash salons around your neighborhood to fix it for you if you cant locate one ask around by asking friends or associate where it can be done.

Semi Permanent or Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

All artificial eyelash extensions you find out there are all categories under semi-permanent while the permanent ones are done like the same process of having a hair replacement surgery under an anesthetic performed by a doctor and it usually cost from $4000 and above depending on the clinic. 

Popular Brands

There are several brands out there in the market but only a few of them are well trusted by extensionist, they are Mink,Novalash and Sharasana. these are brands that have gone all out to ensure their products are of the highest quality they also have an in-house training for would be extensionist who are interested in working in this market of helping people fix their eyelash. so if you are out there in a salon and confused at the array of brands in this industry you can decide to go with the popular ones or ask your extensionist which one would be perfect for you. another addition is that there are several available colors if you wish not to go with the popular black color.

How Much Does it Cost?

looking pretty is money especially with the right product, therefore if you are looking at purchasing an authentic product you better be ready to pay some money which range from $120 to $300 depending on the quality of what you are purchasing. 

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